Friday, April 2 / 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM   •   Constitution Ballroom

Poster Session 4:

  1. Mortality Differences in the U.S. Oldest-Old Population by NativityKirill F. Andreev, Queen's University

  2. Linear Body Proportions: An Alternative Measure of Human Health and DevelopmentSolveig Argeseanu, University of Pennsylvania ; Jan Van den Broeck, Africa Center for Health and Population Studies ; Banyana C. Madi, University of Southampton

  3. Self-Reported Health among Foreign-Born Elderly: Predictive Factors and Objective ComparisonsAnn D. Bagchi, Rutgers University

  4. Life Course Determinants of Poor Psycho-Social Health in Adulthood: Young Motherhood as a Mediating PathwayAnn Berrington, University of Southampton ; Riccardo Borgoni, University of Southampton ; Roger Ingham, University of Southampton ; Peter W.F. Smith, University of Southampton ; Jim E. Stevenson, University of Southampton

  5. The Impact of Changing Family Structure on the Needs for Home Care Services in an Aging Society: The Canadian CaseYves Carriere, Statistics Canada ; Jacques Legare, Université de Montréal ; Janice Keefe, Mount Saint Vincent University ; Laurent Martel, Statistics Canada ; Geoff Rowe, Statistics Canada ; Xiaofen Lin, Statistics Canada

  6. Gender Differences in Health Status among Older SingaporeansAngelique Chan, National University of Singapore ; Santosh Jatrana, Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis

  7. Maximum Normal Longevity in Low Mortality CountriesSiu Lan Karen Cheung, Università di Roma "La Sapienza" ; Jean-Marie Robine, Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM)

  8. Grandparenting: Still a Family Exchange for Older People?Lynda Clarke, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

  9. Why Do Late Parents Live Longer?Gabriele Doblhammer, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

  10. Gender Differences in Older People with Regard to Suicide Risks after Somatic HospitalizationAnnette Erlangsen, Syddansk Universitet

  11. Intergenerational Assistance in Middle- and Old-Age in Mexico: Life Cycle Stages in a Developing EconomyMonica Espinoza, University of Pennsylvania ; Rebeca Wong, University of Maryland

  12. The Biodemographic Models of Reproductive Aging (BIMORA) Project: Methods and Steroid Hormone and Menstrual Cycle Findings in a Five Year Prospective of the Transition to MenopauseRebecca J. Ferrell, Georgetown University ; Kathleen A. O'Connor, University of Washington ; Darryl J. Holman, University of Washington ; Eleanor Brindle, University of Washington ; Rebecca C. Miller, University of Washington ; Deborah E. Schechter, University of Washington ; Tristan Gorrindo, Georgetown University ; Lauren Korshalla, Georgetown University ; James Simon, Women's Health Research Center and George Washington University ; Ann Voda, University of Utah ; James W. Wood, Pennsylvania State University ; Phyllis Kernoff Mansfield, Pennsylvania State University ; Maxine Weinstein, Georgetown University

  13. Exchanges between the Elderly, Children, and Siblings in BangladeshSharon J. Ghuman, University of Michigan ; Mary Beth Ofstedal, University of Michigan

  14. The Effects of Fertility Decline on Family Structure and Support for Older Persons in Latin America and AsiaKaren F. Glaser, King's College London ; Elizabeth Costenbader, Johns Hopkins University ; Antonio Camargo, Fundação Sistema Estadual de Análise de Dados (SEADE) ; Belkis Trench, Universidade de São Paulo

  15. The Baby Boomers in Puerto Rico: The Effect of Their Sociodemographic Characteristics on the Aging PopulationManuel Güivas, University of Puerto Rico

  16. Disabilities and Health Expectancy in MexicoRoberto Ham-Chande, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

  17. Profile of the 65+ Population in the United StatesWan He, U.S. Census Bureau

  18. The Anticipated Ideas about Retirement Life and Retirement TimingJeong Hwa Ho, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  19. Health of Older Adults in Singapore: Is Nativity an Important Determinant?Santosh Jatrana, Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis ; Angelique Chan, National University of Singapore

  20. Social Security and Living Arrangements of the Elderly in Developing CountriesYumiko Kamiya, University of California, Berkeley

  21. Timing of Retirement and Transition of Paid Employment in Relation to Family ObligationsPaula M. Kazi, Michigan State University

  22. The Impact of 1996 Welfare Reform on Immigration of Older PersonsJibum Kim, University of Chicago and NORC

  23. Longitudinal Survival Data and Problems of Nonlinear DynamicsAliaksandr Kulminski, Duke University

  24. Old-Age Pensions and Joint Retirement Decisions in South AfricaDavid Lam, University of Michigan ; Murray Leibbrandt, University of Cape Town ; Vimal Ranchhod, University of Michigan

  25. Modeling the Effect of Nutritional Support Programs on Health OutcomesVicki L. Lamb, Duke University

  26. Use of Computers and the Internet among Older Adults in the United States and the P. R. of China: A Cross-Cultural StudyBob Du Lee, Pennsylvania State University ; Geoffrey Godbey, Pennsylvania State University ; Yaoyin Zhu, Ministry of Civil Affairs, People's Republic of China

  27. Uncertainty, Health, Wealth, and Wealth TransfersJinkook Lee, Ohio State University

  28. Who Should Be Responsible for the Latter-Life Security of Mid-Aged Koreans?Sang Lim Lee, Utah State University ; Doo-Sub Kim, Hanyang University

  29. Veteran Status and Transitions in Functional Conditions in Older AmericansXian Liu, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) ; Charles Engel, Jr., Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) ; Han Kang, Department of Veterans Affairs

  30. Longitudinal Impacts of Preexisting Conditions on Future Health Outcomes among Aged Minority Populations in the United StatesBeverly P. Lyons, Long Island University

  31. Impact of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Middle Age on Later Ages of Life -- a Life Course ApproachAbdullah Al Mamun, University of Groningen ; Anna Peeters, Erasmus University ; Frans Willekens, University of Groningen ; Luc Bonneux, Erasmus University

  32. Ageing and Human Development: A Case Study of Rural IndiaNihar R. Mishra, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) ; Sanjay Kumar Mohanty, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  33. Factors Associated with Death among Elderly People in Matlab, BangladeshGolam Mostafa, ICDDR,B: Centre for Health and Population Research ; Abdur Razzaque, ICDDR,B: Centre for Health and Population Research

  34. Tallness Comes with Higher Mortality in Two Cohorts of U.S. Army Officers, Which May Be Only Partly Cancer RelatedUlrich Mueller, Philipps-Universität Marburg ; Allan Mazur, Syracuse University

  35. Comparison of the Factors to Affect Pension Costs among the High-Income CountriesHideaki Nakamura, University of California, Berkeley

  36. Who Will Want to Stay in a Home for the Elderly: Financial Strain, Kin Availability, and Attitudes toward Staying in Homes for the Elderly among Older Adults in the PhilippinesJosefina Natividad, University of the Philippines

  37. Living Arrangements of Lebanese Unmarried Elderly WomenMaya I. Obeid, American University of Beirut ; Marwan Khawaja, American University of Beirut

  38. Adult and Elderly Mortality in Brazil: Keys and TransitionsNeir A. Paes, Federal University of Paraiba

  39. Older Workers Managing a Disability: An Examination of Gender DifferencesAmy Pienta, University of Michigan ; Tyson H. Brown, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  40. Health Changes of the Elderly in China from 1987, 1992 to 2000, by Gender and AgeXiaochun Qiao, Renmin University of China

  41. Presence of Elderly in Urban Indian Families: Conflict and Resolution of Family MembersSunanda Rabindranathan, Centre for Women's Development Studies

  42. Health Transitions among Elderly Japanese: Do Patterns Differ by Gender and SES?Yasuhiko Saito, Nihon University

  43. Aging and Mortality among Elderly Costa RicansCarolina Santamaria, Universidad de Costa Rica ; Luis Rosero-Bixby, Universidad de Costa Rica

  44. Assessing the Effects of Marital Disruption on Disability and MortalityBarbara Schone, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), HHS ; Liliana E. Pezzin, Medical College of Wisconsin

  45. Health Profile of the 65+ Population in the United StatesManisha Sengupta, U.S. Census Bureau

  46. Healthy Life Expectancy among Mexican and Mexican Americans: A Cross National ComparisonChing-Yi A. Shieh, University of Maryland

  47. Validating the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) for Use among Older Adults in NepalSujan Shrestha, University of Florida

  48. Intergenerational Transfers in Rural Chinese Families: A Corporate Model of Exchange across Three GenerationsMerril Silverstein, University of Southern California ; Shuzhuo Li, Xi'an Jiaotong University ; Wenjuan Zhang, Xi'an Jiaotong University

  49. Informal and Formal Longterm Care of Frail Older Adults in Cairo, EgyptMichele A. Sinunu, Emory University ; Nadia El-Afifi, Palestine Hospital

  50. Educational Differences in the Rate of Cognitive DeclineKristen Suthers, National Institute on Aging (NIA), NIH ; Eileen Crimmins, University of Southern California

  51. Classes of Disability Trajectories in Later Life for Community-Dwelling and Institutionalized Older AdultsMiles G. Taylor, Duke University

  52. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as Vestige of Early Aging and NeurodegenerationSergiy V. Volovyk, Duke University ; Kenneth G. Manton, Duke University

  53. Health Behaviors and the Role of Job Conditions: Smoking Cessation and Work Transitions through Young Adulthood and MidlifeMargaret M. Weden, Johns Hopkins University

  54. Health, Social Support, and Housing Transitions among Older AdultsJanet Wilmoth, Syracuse University

  55. Do the Parents and Siblings of the Longevous Chinese Also Live Longer? Familial Factors on MortalityDanzhen You, University of California, Berkeley

  56. Altruistic Bequest Motives and Living Arrangements of Elderly ParentsYiduo Zhang, Johns Hopkins University

  57. Who Will Care for the Elderly in China? A Review of the Problems Caused by China's One Child Policy and Their Potential SolutionsYuanting Zhang, Bowling Green State University ; Franklin Goza, Bowling Green State University

  58. Trends and Transitions in Child-Coresidence among Older Adults Living in the Beijing MunicipalityZachary Zimmer, Population Council ; Xianghua Fang, Beijing Municipal Network for Health & Care of the Elderly ; Zhe Tang, Beijing Municipal Network for Health & Care of the Elderly ; Julia Kwong, University of Manitoba