Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as Vestige of Early Aging and Neurodegeneration

Sergiy V. Volovyk, Duke University
Kenneth G. Manton, Duke University

CFS may be considered as environmentally induced forerunner-vestige of forthcoming accelerated aging and neurodegeneration. CFS etiology and pathophysiology based on the ideas of hierarchy system complexity and disorder of subtle physiological free-radical dynamic quasihomeostasis encompassing functional kinetics of O-, N-, and S- centered free radicals under environmental stress can be regarded as interference of endo- and exogenous variables including interaction of genetic (n-DNA, mt-DNA, and telomeric components), epigenetic, hormonal, and environmental determinants with respective adaptation-compensation-threshold-penalty mechanisms at molecular, cellular, and organisms systems level. The novel theoretical and experimental insights supporting this generalized conceptual framework and connected with possible strategy of intervention into stochastic-deterministic chain of CFS evolution, plausible modeling of aging molecular mechanisms, and pertinent populations illustrations are considered.

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Presented in Poster Session 4: Aging