Friday, April 2 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Beacon H

Session 79:
Fertility Transitions in Ghana

Chair: Barney Cohen, National Academy of Sciences
Discussant: Alex Ezeh, African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)

  1. Rural Commercialization and Contraceptive Use in GhanaKofi D. Benefo, City University of New York

  2. The Role of Childhood Mortality in Fertility Transition in a Rural Sahelian District of Northern GhanaFred Binka, University of Ghana ; Ayaga A. Bawah, Navrongo Health Research Centre ; Mian B. Hossain, Morgan State University

  3. Marriage, Lineage, Relative Spousal Power, and Fertility Decline in GhanaLaurie DeRose, University of Maryland

  4. Migration and Fertility in Coastal Ghana: An Event History AnalysisMichael J. White, Brown University ; Salahudin S. Muhidin, Université de Montréal ; Catherine N. Stiff, Brown University ; Rodney J. Knight, Principia International

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