Friday, April 2 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Beacon C

Session 74:
Suicide and Gender-Based Violence

Chair: Beth O. Daponte, Yale University
Discussant: Feriyal Fikree, Population Council

  1. Women's Status, Marital Power Relations, and Wife Beating in EgyptZhihong Sa, University of Maryland

  2. Intimate Partner Violence in China: Risk Factors and Health Consequences in a National Population-Based SurveyWilliam L. Parish, University of Chicago ; Tianfu Wang, University of Chicago ; Edward O. Laumann, University of Chicago ; Suiming Pan, Renmin University of China

  3. Are Women Who Experience Gender-Based Violence at a Higher Risk of HIV/AIDS Infections? A Comparative AnalysisSunita Kishor, ORC Macro

  4. Adult Suicide Mortality in the United States: Individual and Contextual CovariatesRichard G. Rogers, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Justin T. Denney, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Patrick M. Krueger, University of Colorado at Boulder

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