Saturday, April 3 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Hampton

Session 148:
International Perspectives on Cohabitation

Chair: John Hobcraft, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Discussant: Elizabeth Thomson, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  1. Education and the Formation of New Families: A Comparative Study of Cohabitation and Nonmarital Fertility in Western NationsSheela Kennedy, University of Pennsylvania

  2. Same Sex Partnership and the Northern Europe Pattern of Family FormationPatrick Festy, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED) ; Marie Digoix, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED) ; Kees Waaldijk, Universiteit Leiden

  3. Cohabitation and Marriage -- Facts and Opinions ComparedZsolt Speder, Hungarian Central Statistical Office ; Marietta Pongrácz, Hungarian Central Statistical Office

  4. Innovative Behavior in Italy: Parents' Influence in the Choice of Type of First UnionPaola Di Giulio, Università di Roma "La Sapienza" ; Alessandro Rosina, Università Cattolica

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