Friday, April 2 / 2:30 PM - 4:20 PM   •   Beacon H

Session 127:
Mathematical Demography

Chair: Michel Guillot, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Discussant: John R. Wilmoth, University of California, Berkeley

  1. The Relationship between Period and Cohort Life ExpectancyJoshua R. Goldstein, Princeton University ; Kenneth Wachter, University of California, Berkeley

  2. A Population with Continually Declining MortalityRobert Schoen, Pennsylvania State University ; Stefan H. Jonsson, Pennsylvania State University ; Paula Tufis, Pennsylvania State University

  3. Long Range Trends in Adult Mortality: Models and Projection MethodsJohn Bongaarts, Population Council

  4. The Evolution of the Life Cycle: An Integration of Competing TheoriesRonald Lee, University of California, Berkeley

Other sessions on Data and Methods