Status of Women of Migrants

Kalyanashish Das, CARE

Objective: 1. To understand Women's Status 2. Her health seeking behavior 3. Her role in the family. Findings: This study was conducted with 100 woman in reproductive age of 15-45 years to understand the above objectives. 75%of the women depends upon their in-laws for their daily needs. 84% didn't have access to health services unless allowed by their in-laws treated by faith healers. The sense of insecurity was found to be present amongst them in 90% of the case. In 15%of the cases some in-laws had made sexual advances, which they couldn't complain. Conclusion: It is concluded that our interventions, like capacity building and behavior change activities should be concentrated on the elderly people and head of the families, who have a greater say, to break the barriers of cultural taboos and allow the flow of knowledge to percolate down

Presented in Poster Session 6: Applied Demography, Methods, Migration, Labor and Education, Gender, and Race and Ethnicity