Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Health, and Well-Being in a Less Developed Setting

Nathan R. Jones, University of California, Los Angeles

The central focus of this project is to evaluate the implications of cardiovascular risk factors for health and well-being in Indonesia, a less developed country. As the epidemiologic transition progresses, it is important to understand the health problems that people with cardiovascular risk factors confront and the impact of these problems on social and economic prosperity. Poor physical and cardiovascular health among older adults in less developed countries have serious economic consequences because labor opportunities are physically demanding relative to those in developed countries. The primary data source for this work will be the Indonesia Family Life Survey (IFLS). I will focus on three primary research questions. 1. What are the levels and prevalence of established risk factors for cardiovascular disease? 2. How do health characteristics differ among individuals with different cardiovascular risk factors profiles? 3. How do individuals with different levels of cardiovascular risk factors respond to economic stimulus?

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Presented in Poster Session 5: Health and Mortality