PrimeSeg: Development of a Geodemographic Classification System

Tom E. Godfrey, Decision Demographics
Stephen J. Tordella, Decision Demographics

Decision Demographics has developed a national tract-level geodemographic segmentation system classifying persons age 60 and older. Currently offered geodemographic systems are powerful yet these tools have never been specifically adapted to identify and target aging Americans beyond neighborhoods that are dominated by older people, particularly retirement communities of various sorts. This paper presents a brief overview of trends within the commercial geodemographic marketplace and how PrimeSeg fills a need in the current data market. Then it traces the processes, problems and opportunities encountered in the development of a nationwide neighborhood segmentation system. Topics included are a discussion of data issues and problems encountered in the development and testing of the segmentation system to challenges in designing and developing a system that meet the expectations of today's data consumer. The paper concludes with how this initial segmentation product development will be reworked, updated and recast with the 2000 Census data.

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Presented in Session 128: Consumer Demographics and Market Research