Labor Migration to Lebanon from the States of Punjab and Tamil Nadu, India: Similarities and Contrasts in Factors Affecting Migration and Remittance Decisions

Seema Gaur, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Prem C. Saxena, American University of Beirut

The present paper gives a comparative analysis of the process of migration of laborers to Lebanon from the states of Punjab and Tamil Nadu in India including the roles of networks facilitating migration in the two states. It also highlights some similarities and interesting contrasts on the use patterns of remittances at the origin, their quantum and modes of transfer as well as migration networks and living and working conditions of migrants in the host country. The results are based on the quantitative and qualitative data collected during 1998 from a sample of 402 Indian migrant laborers in Lebanon -- 201 each from the States of Punjab and Tamil Nadu, which are located in the extreme northern and southern parts of India with contrasting socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The study employs multivariate statistical methods to identify the factors affecting migration and remittance decisions of the laborers from the two states.

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Presented in Session 60: Comparative Analyses of International Migration