Long-Term Use of the Standard Days Method: Results of a 3-Year Study

Irit Sinai, Georgetown University
James N. Gribble, Georgetown University

The Standard Days Method is a fertility awareness-based method of family planning that identifies days 8-19 of the cycle as the fertile window for women with cycles ranging 26-32 days. Women wishing to avoid pregnancy are counseled not to have unprotected intercourse on those days. A multi-site clinical study followed 478 women for up to 13 cycles of method use and found a one-year failure rate of 4.8 with correct use. Participants who completed the efficacy study were followed for an additional 24 months. Results indicate that the method is effective for long-term users. Of 199 women entering the long-term study, 65% were still using the method after 24 months. The principal reason for discontinuing use was desire to become pregnant and changing to another method. Only 11 unplanned pregnancies occurred among participants

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Presented in Poster Session 1: Fertility Determinants, Family Planning, and Sexual Behavior