Partner Commitment, Condom Use, and High Risk Behavior among Young Adult Men

Renata Forste, Brigham Young University

Using data from the National Survey of Adolescent Males, 1995, this study examines the relationship between partner commitment, risk taking, and condom use at last sex. In terms of partner commitment, married men are the least likely to use condoms and casually dating men the most likely. Men engaged in high risk taking behaviors (high tobacco, alcohol, and/or drug use) are less likely to report using condoms than low risk taking men. However, interactions between high risk behavior and relationship type indicate that high risk taking married men are more likely to use condoms compared to low risk taking married men. This interaction effect is not found among single men. Thus, the influence of high risk behavior on condom use is influenced by the commitment level of young men to their partner.

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Presented in Session 108: Men's Reproductive Lives: A Developed Country Perspective