Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health in the Asia and Near East Region: Status, Issues, Policies, and Programs

Karen Hardee, Futures Group International
Pamela Pine, Futures Group International
Lauren Taggart Wasson, Futures Group International

This paper synthesizes 13 country case studies of adolescent and youth reproductive health (AYRH) in the Asia and Near East region. While differences emerged, the assessments found several challenges that are universal in the region. These challenges include the paucity of research and data, particularly with regard to rural and minority adolescents and youth; insufficient attention paid to enormous gender disparities; lack of information and services available, including to married adolescents and youth, often leading to unwanted pregnancy and disease; weakness or lack of policies directly addressing AYRH; and small-scale and generally weak programs, even where national and other policies exist. Additionally, the global environment in terms of both information (e.g., from films and TV) and resources (e.g., dependence on foreign aid) has had both positive and negative effects on the status of AYRH throughout the region. These issues need to be addressed for further progress to be achieved.

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Presented in Session 119: Adolescent Reproductive Health in Asia and the Near East