Exploring the Effects of Fatherhood Experiences on Single, Cohabiting, and Married Men's Lives

Chris Knoester, Ohio State University
Anna Cunningham, Ohio State University

The proposed study uses data from the National Survey of Families and Households (NSFH) to analyze the associations between men's fatherhood experiences and their psychological and physical health, social interactions, family involvement, and work behaviors. The project extends previous work by focusing on the significance of fatherhood experiences among single, cohabiting, and married men. To date, no study has explored the relative impact of fatherhood experiences on single, cohabiting, and married men's well-being and social behaviors. The expectation is that the presence of a romantic partner, and the permanency of this relationship, conditions the association between men's fatherhood experiences and their well-being and social behaviors.

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Presented in Session 90: Fathers and Families